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"The Raleigh Dog Trainer" can teach you how to train your dog in the convenience of your own home without costing you a lot of dog bones. In-home training allows one on one personal attention for you, the family, and your dog(s). There's no need to yell when you can learn how to whisper. This particular method of communication will actually improve the relationship, and most importantly at the same time make the obedience training and behavior modification that much easier for you and the dog.

  The typical session will usually last up to 2 hours or even a little longer. This provides the opportunity to first watch your interaction with your pet, and most importantly allows plenty of time to get to know the dog, show you how smart they really are already, and then teach you specific training exercises that are  tailored for your dog(s). 

Most clients may only need 2-3 lessons as they continue their exercises. Keep in mind that phone consultations during the training and after are always free for the life of the dog. 

 Positive leadership will always create a relationship that is healthy, happy, and balanced for that absolute love of your life kind of dog! 
    In-home Dog Training Lessons
  • Obedience and Companionship Training
  • Leash Training
  • Solving Behavioral Issues
  • Jumping and Hyper Issues
  • Puppy Training
  • House Training Nightmares
  • Recall Command
  • Barking and Nipping Issues
  • Socialization Issues
  • Choosing your next Dog
  • Therapy Dog Training
  • Canine Care Education
  • Kid's Pet Safety Class 
  • Discounts for Shelter and Rescued Dogs
  • Gift Certificates

"Most family dogs can spend up to 93% of their lives at home. That's just one reason good canine manners really should start right there." 
 Steve Wilson is
"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"
Obedience and Behavior Training
Free Phone Consultation and Rates

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