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About "The Raleigh Dog Trainer"

When I was just four years old my first dog was a Collie. That was over 47 years ago, and ever since then dogs have been my very best friends. Throughout the years I have worked with all kinds of dogs with various types of obedience and behavioral issues. We won't be using treats and annoying clickers, choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, or the gentle leaders, but instead teach you specific communication techniques that are incorporated in your dog's training exercises. The best training available is always personalized to address any behavior modifications needed by both dog and human alike. Our session will always be positive, motivational, and most of all fun!

"The Raleigh Dog Trainer" is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Rescue Group Volunteer, and Therapy Dog Owner and Handler that does understand the importance in your dog's achievements. It's my pleasure working with people and their dogs 7 days a week. See a difference with your dog in the very 1st session.

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Why drive all over town for weeks to simply wait your turn in a class.

Save time, money, and gas.

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        Steve Wilson

"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"

Obedience, and Behavior Training

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