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"The Raleigh Dog Trainer" is grateful to everyone that has been a part of making my passion for dogs a success.

"I always appreciate the honest feed back on your training session with you and the dog(s). Thanks for the opportunity to train your best friend."

Steve Wilson

not just another social distance dog trainer,

"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"

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Just a few testimonials

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Comments: Steve,Your ability to train, understand and communicate with dogs is just amazing. The quick response you got from our foster rescue made me so happy for her because I know she has a chance for a better life. Perhaps what I love best about your approach is that it's not dependent on treats, yelling, or robotizing Remy Lynn! As a human behaviorist myself, I admire your approach and look forward to learning from it for her benefit— and mine. See you next time!!

Dr. Kathrine Loflin, Cary NC


Hi Steve- I was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the lesson, and tips. We have been working on them. and it's working like magic. It's so exciting!!! You are the BEST! We'll chat soon.

Connie/ Chapel Hill NC


Steve came out, met me and my Beagle and went above and beyond for us. He not only got to know me and my Beagle and the situation, but he explained so many things that I would have never known about dogs and their behavior. During our session, he was so patient with me and my Beagle. My Beagle did better at taking instruction than I did, and when I was confused or had to ask Steve to tell me something again, he never once came across as frustrated or impatient with me. He never made me feel like I was an idiot. Steve simply re-explained things to me while staying incredibly patient, kind, professional, knowledgeable and nice!

I learned a lot during our session and he even told me to call him anytime I had any questions. Steve is an asset to the dog training community and I look forward to implementing what he taught me. I can't thank him enough. If you are in need of a professional dog trainer, look no further than The Raleigh Dog Trainer. Should anyone I know be in need of one in the future, they will be getting his name!

Thank you so much, Steve.

Beth, Raleigh NC

Steve- Yesterday was so much fun, and so informative! I'm looking forward to practicing daily. You especially blew my mind with the leash training!

Thank you! Theresa Fowler Sharp Raleigh NC

Rick and I would just like to let you know how pleased we have been with your services. You spent quite a bit of time with us and answered all of our questions. We feel like we have a different dog already! We so appreciated you taking as much time as needed to teach us how to deal with Oliver. We have been practicing and are pleased with the results already!

Lynne Raleigh NC


I want to thank you for all your help with Finn. It’s amazing how he immediately responds to you. I have really appreciated you time with Finn and I. Looking so forward to him becoming a pet Therapy Dog thanks to you.

Davelyn Rivers. Wake Forest NC

We are so thankful for the time and energy Steve has spent with our family teaching us how to work through the unexpected challenges we encountered after rescuing our sweet 9 month old Lab back in August. We had our hands beyond full with 2 young children, another young dog and 2 young cats, but we love our crazy life and we were determined to dedicate the time/effort to work through the struggles we were having with our new furry family member. We had never rescued a dog and knew Molly had so much potential, but we needed help with figuring out ways to communicate with her so that she would begin to learn basic skills, respond to our commands and really gain the social skills needed so she could go with us on family outings. We were amazed at how much time he took with our 2 young children and our other 8 month old dog during the first visit. It's been several months since we started working with Steve and we have been amazed with the progress we all have made thanks to the training he provided. We have had follow up sessions to work on specific skills(especially socialization) and we couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable trainer. We are still a work in progress, but we know we would not be where we are now without Steve, " The Raleigh Dog Trainer!"

Leslie and family.

Raleigh NC

 Steve is amazing and definitely has a gift with dogs. After our session with him on Sunday it's been so much easier to take my dog Bailey on her walks. The pulling and tugging on the leash is so much better already. Even that very day after he left, she continued to respond to me and my daughter just as well. Where as before Bailey easily would have pulled my mother or daughter to the ground. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us. We are very greatfull for all the advice and we look forward to seeing you a second time. We love the approach you take on communication with you're pet rather than treats. That's one of the best things about you're method to us and our family

Angel - Raleigh NC

My dog Lilly and I had the best experience ever with Steve! I recently adopted Lilly and she's full grown so I had no idea how smart she is until Steve came over! Lilly warmed up to him immediately and he showed me how to control barking, walk proudly on a leash with her and how to avoid any unexpected injuries with small children. Lilly used to pull me all over the place on the leash and bark uncontrollably when she saw anyone, but with Steve's positive, patient guidance and techniques we are on the way to a wonderful life together. Dogs are the smartest animals ever and Steve can show you all there is to know and learn the proper way to train and praise them! Thanks so much Steve! We had a great time and it was great to see you!

Mary Raleigh NC

Steve came into our lives at just the right moment. His gentle spirit and hands-on coaching approach has helped us turn our new pup into the love of our lives. Being new puppy parents, my husband and I were clueless when it came to training a dog. Steve subtly taught us that it is not the dog that needs the training, but the handler. He put our nerves at ease and gave us many tips that have allowed us to love Zeus and have the confidence as his handlers. Steve has been incredibly positive, passionate, and patient. We would recommend him highly to anyone.

CJ- Chapel Hill NC

Just had my first session with Steve and I would recommend him to everyone! He is patient, kind, and very reasonably priced!!! My pup and my family learned a lot from him today. In one session, we learned how to walk Buddy on a leash, how to speak to a dog, Buddy learned how to sit/follow/etc., we learned how to read dog food labels and find the best for my dog, how to greet a dog, not to hug a dog while sleeping, and so much more in one single session! Steve doesn't just tell you what to do...he explains why, shows you how, and then allows you to practice. Never once did Steve make us feel rushed and I could tell that Steve wanted the best for not only my dog but for my family. I highly recommend him! Thanks Steve!!!

Jenna — Cary, NC

 Steve, thanks for giving us a great jump start with our 3rd rescue dog, Trigger. He continues to do well and is turning out to be a fantastic addition to our family. We appreciate your help and all of the great tips. It was really nice working with you.

The Pooles- Wake Forest, NC

Just met one of my neighbors who adopted a choc. lab... They are having issues with him and their vet told them to get rid of the dog today... I told them to contact Steve Wilson... Steve saved my old dog Faldo!!! In the process little did I know but Faldo would later save my life when my marriage ended... Friends before you give up on your dog call Steve Wilson!!!! He will not only change your dogs life but yours!!! I pray these folks will contact him so Steve can perform his miracles!!! Steve Wilson "The Raleigh Dog Trainer" is simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce- Wake Forest NC

 I rescued my small rat terrier mix about 4 months ago and began group training and private training with her right away as she was shy and scared with new people, noises, etc. I noticed very small changes but it seemed like her fear and barking was starting to become more intense so I called Steve after reading the great reviews on his site. I'm very glad I did!

He came to my house and gave me simple tips on how to calm her fears of the doorbell and help her to walk and stop/stay. I was amazed how easily my dog was responding to his commands and not barking at him! If you are looking for someone to help, I highly recommend calling Steve!

Cathleen - Raleigh NC

Steve really knows what he's talking about. It was pretty incredible to watch my two unruly, wild child, rescue pit mixes respond almost instantly his commands only seconds after meeting him. We called him because our 2 70 pound dogs were pulling my arms out of their sockets every time I took them for a walk, and had some very bad habits. We had tried some more conventional methods, but I was having a really hard time getting into the whole dominate and /or yell your spirited dog into submission racket.

Steve absolutely does not advocate for any sort of strong arming. Just the opposite. He showed some very practical, very simple ways to teach our dogs how to obey on and off the leash. Granted, these things take some time, but with consistency and patience, a year after we first started implementing his methods, I can absolutely say they do work. He gives lot of advice about how to care for your dogs, and genuinely cares about establishing a good relationship between you and your fur babies. He spent more than the allotted time with us and didn't charge us a penny more. He's a great guy and quite a professional. I highly recommend him!

Alicia- Raleigh NC

 Steve, Just wanted you to know that ever since "Rudy" spent time with you in your home, and you spent time with Bill and me in our home, "Rudy" has been the most loveable, and generally speaking, polite little dog. I've always loved him, but there are degrees of love and he climbed the ladder since he met you to being very, very special to me, and I can see that Bill has changed too ... has become very fond of Rudy and no longer angry with him. Thank you so much for your role in this! - Barb

Dear Steve,

Well, you must be doing a great job of training me as Gypsy is much happier on our walks! She is not straining against the leash and pulling me down the sidewalk. She wags her tail and we both happily stroll along. She does her "business" when I command. She goes this way when I say and and she goes that way when I point and say. She stays when I show the hand signal and say the command. You are amazing! Thank you for training me and Gypsy! I am also forever grateful for the socialization skills you are helping her develop with your animals. Watching her play with Riley and Tanner the other day was heart-warming beyond words. Learning to understand the signs of when she is scared and nervous versus relaxed and happy gave me the confidence to introduce Gypsy to my friends' dogs. We kept them on leashes at first and once they did their sniffing and the tails were up and wagging the jaws were relaxed, the leashes came off and they had a wonderful afternoon of play! Thank you!!! You are a wonderful trainer and I truly believe dog whisperer. I look forward to taking Gypsy to the next level - therapy dog training - with you when she and I are ready. Blessings to you for everything you.

Haven and Gypsy, Durham

Wow, asking Steve to come and meet with our dog Mojo was a great decision. The information we have now will definitely help us to better understand what Mojo needs from us. Steve is not only knowledgeable and a great teacher, he is also extraordinarily intuitive and sensed things about Mojo we were not picking up on. As a result, my wife Rachel and I watched in amazement when Steve and Mojo walked side by side, loose leashed with no prong collar like they had known each other forever.... no kidding! If you want to learn more about your dog and how your dog sees you, don't wait any longer; call Steve- The Raleigh Dog Trainer.

 I was very impressed with Steve's knowledge of dogs. I adopted a rescue two weeks ago and when I received him, I was given tons of information about his temperament and how his aggressive response to strangers was "just the way he is." He also showed signs of fear and aggression to males upon the first 2 meetings. When Steve walked into the door, my dog Dash responded in such a curious but friendly way. His normal growling and barking was not a factor. Steve taught me so much about how to care for and respond to my dog's behavior. I did not think Dash could behave so well. A few days later and with some consistency, he is responding well to all of the training techniques. I am excited to see continued growth in my dog.

Nafeesha- Raleigh, NC

Wow, thanks Steve, we are totally impressed with your expertise and generosity of time in training us to train Derby. We are already more confident with the tools you shared with us to be with our 110 lbs companion in any setting. We look forward to practicing the techniques you have taught us!. If looking for compassionate, sensible and focused training, look no further than expert Steve Wilson The Raleigh Dog Trainer.

All tails wagging here!

Brian, Ellen & Derby - Hillsborough NC

Steve came out about 2 weeks ago, and he is sooo knowledgle with dogs. I was most surprised how he relates to the dogs. It's unbelievable listening to numerous stories that he told of his work with dogs. My little teacup loved him. He has a WEALTH of information, THAT WORKS! I hired a dog trainer prior to Steve and paid wayyyyyyyy more and didnt get nearly as much of the information and training that he gave me, IN OUR 1ST VISIT. He took his time, he wasn't rushing, he was patient with ginger, patient with my super hyper boys, just amazing. I am very pleased! ANNNNNND he put me on to SOME AWESOME FOOD FOR GINGER!! called Acana!!! I had her on Blue Buffaloe and she would nitpick at it, sometimes not eating it. BUT with this Acana....She ate it immediately, and she's not as picky as she was with prior foods. I just bought some for my kitten too! AND he introduced me to Phydeaux, a pet store in Chapel HIll, went there yesterday and loved the store! Great staff AND I got LOTS and LOTS of samples for ginger and pepper FREE!! Thanks Steve!! See you soon..Continue doing what you love and what you are oh so passionate about!! SERVING DOGS AND THEIR FAMILY!!!

Shavon- Durham NC

Hello Steve, I wanted to thank you so much for the time you spent with me and my new rescue dog "Betsie" this afternoon. I could see she was catching on quickly and already, our walk later on today was much improved! I felt your approach and advice was full of helpful and useful information I plan to practice and implement. And best of all, it all made sense and was presented in a simple and easy to understand manner. Betsie took to you right away and as we both experienced, many of the corrections and commands had immediate results. For anyone looking for a trainer who is genuine and truly invested in promoting a healthy, fun, and loving relationsihp with your dog, Steve is highly recommended. My session today was LOADED with information and worth every penny without breaking the bank! Thank you Steve for all you do! Julie- Durham NC

Happy New Year, Steve! It's been awhile but I wanted to say thanks!! You showed your genuine caring for dogs by coming to help a new & frustrated owner on virtually a moment's notice. You made a difference and I truly appreciate it!

Stephanie- Zebulon NC

Our little Boston Terrier, Cello is a tornado of aggression and bad manners. He has never been leash walked and had to be tied up inside because he would flee out the door if anyone walked in or out. He also dislikes outsiders and has shown aggression towards our children from time to time. Within minutes of Steve coming to the house he had Cello out of his crate, on a leash and teaching him commands and how to walk on a leash correctly. Cello was taken outside and Steve had Cello "staying" on command and was able to lead him instead of the other way around. I can't wait to implement everything we learned today to make our dog a functioning fur member of this household. Thank you Steve!!

Rachel- Clayton NC

I will forever recommend Steve to my friends should they need "training" of, advice, or concerns regarding their dog-babies. We looked into the weeks-long group training session at several facilities. Now that we've had the pleasure of working with Steve I realize that had we opted to go that route I would have been bored out of mind and resentful that money was wasted. Steve is a very kind, knowledgeable, and patient. I am 100% more confident in my ability to fully bond with my Bailey.

Awesome experience.

Michelle - Chapel Hill NC

WOW, how can I thank this wonderful man. In less that 15 min. my dogs Rocky and JJ were responding wonderfully. Barking is down to a very tolerable level, no pulling on the leads. Like others, the training starts with the owner, boy do I ever need the training. Steve is so very understanding of our needs. I think I will probably need him to come back one more time for my basic training. lol. Thank you, thank you so very much for your patience, and kind guidance.

Judy W.Apex

Steve- Just got back from the best training walk with Hanna! We passed Katie (the black Lab that made Hanna crazy last time)...the noisy Scottie dogs...and a pit bull mix that Hanna had never seen before, and who barked and growled at Hanna. Result: Hanna barked once at Katie, but ignored all the other "traps" on the walk. She was amazing. Thanks for helping us make so much progress! Carol- Zebulon NC

Steve, Thanks so much for making the trip from Raleigh to Greensboro. Calvin and I appreciate your time, talent, and energy. It's helpful to have you point out to me the ways I can improve my relationship with and treatment of Calvin so that we can become a top-notch team. I should have recorded our session, as I cannot possibly remember all the information you shared. One of the most important adjustments I need to implement is that while it's important for Calvin to walk our neighborhood, distance, which raises his risk of animal confrontation, is not as significant as what occurs on the walks. I thought (erroneously) I could manage his energy level by walking him distances, whereas, in the aftermath of your visit, he is, indeed, more "tired" (and relaxed) simply by working in a focused way to use well his mind. This realization is the tip of the iceberg, I realize, but a fundamentally sound beginning.

Dianne- Greensboro NC

Dear Steve,

God used you to make something wonderful and special happen to me during my trip to Lima, Peru.

As I had stated in our previous conversations, "I have serious dog issues." Prior to going to serve in Peru, I had not taken the time to learn much about the culture. Thus, the fact that the place is overrun with dogs only surfaced once we arrived. Steve, with no exaggeration, my trip would have been a disastrous mess had you not tutored me about dogs and there behaviors. Thoughts of you, your expertise, your warmth and your kindness filled my heart repeatedly. I was confident, calm, and continued to hold my own because of you.

Steve, there were dogs EVERYWHERE, including those who were left on flat-top roofs while their owners

went about their daily affairs. There were big dogs, little dogs, dogs trying to make babies, sick and diseased

dogs, pretty dogs, fighting dogs, long tit dogs who had added to the dog explosion and barking, yelping dogs.

Words fall flat in conveying my gratitude. Thank you so very much for making my trip doggone bearable.

I still would like to work with you more. In a short time, I will be moving to Raleigh and writing a biblical exegetical,

so time will be of a premium. When things slow down some, I will be in touch.

Rich blessings unto you,

Judy K. Dixon,

The one who saw more dog poop in a week than she had seen in five years

Steve- I never 'got' it until now....i finally understand! it was never about the was about ME! there is always a light somewhere, and you showed me mine =) I cant believe that i have the relationship I now have with my Lady means the world to me and its all because of your intelligence, your patience, your knowledge, and your love! you have given me a different perspective and sometimes that's what's needed to push past any barriers that i felt i couldn't push past! Now I am past them, and then some! We are on to a beautiful life together, my dog, and hubby and myself. We always want you a part of it! Thank you Steve, Dogfather!!!!!! ♥

Melissa, Durham NC

Steve, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Homer loved you right off the bat and has been a good doggie since you left. You offered us a wealth of good information so hopefully I can live through this puppy stuff! We hope to go to Fido's today. I look forward to seeing you again as does Frank and the babies.Carolyn

- Raleigh NC

Steve, we can't thank you enough. Your patience with our three month old puppy, Molly, and our two young girls, has really paid off. You gave us excellent advice and did a great job explaining puppy training methods. You showed us effective techniques for getting Molly to come when called, walk on her leash, and stop play-biting. You were great with our kids and explained things at their level so that they could better understand their puppy and learn how to train her. You also helped us with a special problem. Molly had crate anxiety. She seemed to work herself up and was very restless when left alone in her crate. Your recommendations on how to address this issue has led to a very calm and happy dog who now loves her crate.Thank you so much!! We highly recommend your services and look forward to having you back out soon!

Eric, Yvonne, Alison, Emily, and Molly (woof!)

Steve, I invited you into my home to work with Abbey and Oliver (Ollie) based solely on a gut instinct that you were the right person for the job and, quite honestly, because I adored the message on your phone! Still, I was a bit nervous... Until you walked in and immediately began communicating with my "kids" in your very special, quiet way. As a life-long dog lover, I've never seen anyone accomplish as much of a connection with dogs as you do so naturally. When Abbey immediately sat for you – something she rarely does without tremendous effort even by another trainer I'd worked with previously – I knew you had a gift. Needless to say, when she walked perfectly without pulling the very first time you put a leash on her, you were elevated to mystical status in my eyes. Your connection with Ollie was equally impressive and your compliments regarding their demeanor, intelligence, and behavior made me a very proud “dogmom”. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the light that allows me to keep my rescued pups together in my home and, with your guidance, to become as obedient as they are already loving. Maybe with time and patience, one or both will be able to do pet therapy with me as I've always hope. Now it's time for me to get to work learning to speak the same language to them that you do!With much appreciation,

Dawn- Cary, NC

Steve, I wanted to take a minute and let you know my thoughts and feelings about our training session yesterday. First I want to say this, and this is for anybody who is out there searching for a dog trainer (as I was) and wanting to know how it works and what to expect (from the dog owner's side). I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. Was Steve going to "train" him and wah-lah, I'd have the perfectly trained dog? Here's the deal: Yes, Steve trains...but it's just not training your pup. He's training YOU to train your dog. He provides you with all the tools you need to be the leader. Within mere moments of Steve entering our house, we knew how to "read" a dog...their body to approach and handle. Every piece of information that came from Steve provided value for day in/day out life. In mere moments, Bailey was responding to "come", "sit", "stay". He walked on a leash which is something Bailey just didn't like. Now, just a mere 24 hours later, Bailey looks to us for signs and signals. Steve gives you all the time you need, and then some. When he says "call me anytime with any questions", he's not kidding. He is gentle and kind and you know from the moment that you meet him that he loves dogs...and dogs love him. Thank you for training Bailey Steve, and most of all, thanks for training Larry and me! We now have the tools we need to raise Bailey with love and obedience :-)

Terri- Wake Forest, NC

My Lady Dog after an AMAZING training session with the BEST of the BEST, The Raleigh Dog (and human, hehehe) Trainer, we cannot thank you enough for all you do for us ♥ if anyone needs someone to come in, train and LOVE YOUR dog as much as YOU do, Steve is THE MAN!

Missy- Durham, NC

Dillon and Cassidy are two rescues that I have been considering for adoption. I brought them home to see what the possibilities might be. They got along and played well together, but Cassidy did not do well with other people and specifically males and she would nip. I called one trainer and it seemed my only option was to return her to the shelter, which I really dreaded. Fate has changed for Cassidy and Dillon thanks to the "The Raleigh Dog Trainer." A friend gave me the number and when I called Steve and explained the situation, he told me not to give up so quickly. That was the first glimmer of hope for Cassidy. He gave me tips and had me doing various trust building exercises prior to his first visit. When I met Steve at the door, I was so tense and worried that Cassidy would fail and she would have to return to the shelter. After only one visit, Steve had her walking on a leash with him in the leadership role. He was able to stand around in the house talking and moving about freely and she was fine with it. She also stopped growling at him, as she did initially when he first entered the house. She was taking treats from him and giving him kisses on his hand. The end result of that one visit is Cassidy , Dillon and I were relaxed and all of us far more comfortable in our home with visitors, both male or female.

 This visit was the day after Thanksgiving and I will always remember this one because it changed the destiny of a rescue and is a reminder of the many things to be thankful for. Steve was amazing with these little rescue dogs and I am so glad I called him to get his opinion. After talking with him, I knew he was the only hope for Cassidy. I have work to do with both, but because of Steve's visit I have a better understanding of what I can do to help them transition to a happy forever home and forget what has happened to them in the past. Cassidy, Dillon and I get a second chance on the right path and I highly encourage anyone that is experiencing issues with a pet to give him a call. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and I learned a lot of tips to help these little ones succeed in life.

Jenny, Dillon and Cassidy-Garner NC

First thing I want to comment on, every other dog trainer we have had (3) have come inside our home and the first thing they said to us was "you need to get your dog neutered, that's your first problem". That makes me and my boyfriend very angry because we just chose not to neuter our dog, it's our choice. Steve not once mentioned anything about that nor did he try to persuade us to neuter him, THANK YOU STEVE!! Major respect to you! Also we have a pit bull and some trainers have tried to tell us half of his problem was his breed, Steve said nothing but good things about him, not a negative comment came out of his mouth about PIT BULLS!! We could both tell Steve truly loves dogs and has a connection with them. Thank you Steve for teaching us ways to help train him and spending the time with us!! You will be invited back to help with our upcoming dogs.-Brooke and Taylor,

Garner NC

Steve - This is long overdue, but we really wanted to thank you for helping us with Pierre. Both visits you were able to transform him. The first with Pierre not wanting to let you in the house and by the end of the session he had jumped on your lap and licked your face. That was the dog we love and want our guests to see the loving side of him and not the territorial side. The second session, Pierre was excited to see your dogs, but did not behave properly while on the leash. Again, by the end of the session, he was walking next to your dog and looked very content. We had tried other trainers with other techniques but they did not seem to be as effective. Thank you for your help!

Anne, Ryan, and Pierre - Durham, NC

Steve, I cannot thank you enough for the "magic" you worked with Kendall!!!! Your training session was great... very informative for me and fun for all. Looking forward to continued progress with both Jackson and Kendall. Thanks again for your help.

Terri- Raleigh NC

Steve came to help us out with our girl Zada! (She's a 4 yr old Rottie.) We were expecting a son and he helped us get her ready for that. We are SO thankful to him because he taught us so much and she is absolutely amazing with our son, she loves him so much! THANKS Steve!

Dennis and Carrie, Raleigh NC

We also had Steve Wilson, a local dog trainer, come visit our multi-dog household to give us some training tips. With so many young, big dogs, things were getting a bit too crazy for my liking. What a wonderful training session - Paul and I learned so much. We knew the basics, but there was much fine-tuning to be done - just small adjustments, that have made a big difference. I must've asked a million questions, and he took the time to answer every single one. I highly recommend him! His views and philosophies (and you know I have many) were very much aligned with mine - communication and leadership are the key tools to use, not dominance and antiquated gear. Scampy just followed along with the dog training, too, and was a model student. Tracey and Paul- Wendel, NC

Steve came to introduce my dog and my boyfriend's dogs to each other as it hadn't gone so smoothly on our own. "Sadie" went to being unsure of "Little Bear" to falling in love with him in just hours. Thank you so much!

Amy- Holly Springs NC

That's our little pup Cookie.... Steve did an OUTSTANDING job with both cookie and Jenni... I would highly recommend Steve's dog training abilities to anyone who wants to develop a deeper bond with their dogs!

Debi, Clayton NC

Our lab, Harley, was very energetic and at times uncontrollable. He was like the Tazmanian Devil! We were at our wits end on how to handle him until Steve worked with us. He showed us how to better understand Harley and vice versa. Harley is improving daily. We can interact and play without the frustration now. Steve is a genuine dog lover, a great person, and has a wealth of information about dogs he is always willing to share. Thanks! Randy, Melissa, and Harley Louisburg, NC

The experience was extremely insightful and enjoyable at the same time. We are thrilled to be able to communicate effectively with Henry, and build our relationship. Henry is happier than he has ever been, and that makes us happy too. As first time dog owners, we were lost. If Steve can help us, he can help anybody!

Sincerely, the Farmers

(Jon, Mary, Beckah, and Henry!)

Wake Forest, NC

Steve:Thanks again for everything. Bruce and I are putting all your awesome tips to work. He corrects me if I make a mistake and vice versa. We feel you have given us a wonderful training path for Faldo to use for the rest of his life.


Bruce and Cassandra- Raleigh , NC

Steve, Thanks so much for the patience and guidance with Taz. She is walking without the prong collar and much better behaved around distractions. Still working with her on visitors when knocking at the door but seeing progress. I will call when I need another lesson (I know it is me!).

Thanks, Bob- Cary, NC

We had a great experience with Steve during our first session. Steve came to our home for a "puppy session" with our 11 week old puppy. He was very helpful in teaching us what to look for as far as body language and in instructing us on how to train our puppy not to engage in behaviors such as biting/nipping, especially since we have young children. Above and beyond what we expected from our "puppy session," Steve even gave us great tips on how to address some growling issues with our older dog! He clearly has a special way of communicating/interacting with dogs and puppies and we appreciated his help. Steve never seemed rushed, took his time to show us how to interact with our dogs, and he answered every single question I had for him with a well thought out answer that made sense. We plan to consult with Steve more when our puppy is old enough for obedience training. Thank you, Steve!

Sandra- Apex, NC

Steve, Thank you so much for working with our dog Millie. Your visit to our home was fun and informative. The training session was comprehensive and enjoyable. Millie has shown instant progress in following our commands. Your visit helped us understand that our previous teaching methods were flawed. We are now better equipped to train her if we consistently apply your techniques. Your passion for dog training was immediately apparent. Thanks for your help with our little girl.

Allison and Travis, Raleigh,NC

I am a volunteer for Pawfect Match Rescue in Holly Springs, NC. I had Steve come out to work with one of my rescue dogs who was having problems being nice with the other dogs at my home. Steve came out on a Saturday morning and in just a few hours had all 7 of the dogs at my home playing together in the backyard. He is a very patient trainer and also worked with all the dogs that day. You can tell he does this work because he truly loves and enjoys it. I would recommend that if you are having problems, or just to learn how to train your dog the basic manners that you give him a call. I will certainly be using him again!!

Jerry- Cary, NC

Steve was really great. You helped both my husband and I to gain the confidence we needed in order to train our dogs and stick with the training. The training is very well done, and we hope to be able to continue doing everything you have taught us on a daily basis. We also appreciated all the extra tips and advice. You seem to know everything there is know know about dogs! We look forward to our next session with you and any future issues that may arise!

Keri and Carl - Raleigh, NC

Great trainer! In one session he had me walking my dog past the yapping dog down the street and my dog didn't flinch...very impressive! I highly recommend him!

Val M-Apex NC

Steve, you did such a wonderful job training me! LOL!!! My puppies are responding much better than before and they actually listen to me now! Thanks for all of your help!

Linda, Wake Forest NC

Steve came highly recommended from a friend. I wish I had his help for the other rescue dogs that have passed this way. Molly is a backyard breeder emotional mess. Steve not only helped me look for her when she was lost but came and taught me how to walk her and build up her confidence. In one day she was walking on a leash and coming over to be loved. It was totally amazing. You think you know how to do these simple things with your dog, but you most likely don't. Steve gets you started in the right direction and the dogs respond. Makes life so much easier for everyone and your canine family is happier. Can't wait till his next session. Thank you Steve.

Laura in Cary, NC

Steve, thank you so much for coming to help us with Meli. I was so amazed at how much she already knew yet we didn't know this because we had no idea how to train her ourselves! She has done so well since her lesson and I am very happy with her progress. Thank you for working with us and I will recommend your services to everyone I know!

Angela-Raleigh NC

Hi Steve! We just wanted to let you know how amazing you are, Zach and I couldn't believe our eyes as we watched you walk Zoe around our neighborhood. It was as if we were watching you walk a different dog! For the first time, in the short 3 months we've had her, she didn't need her harness! and you did all this within the first hour of meeting her! We can't wait till Zoe's next lesson to show you how much we've all learned :)Thanks again!!

Sara, Zach, and Zoe- Raleigh NC

Hi Steve, it's been two weeks since you came out to help me with a few issues I was having with my 4 year old dog, Ruthie. We saw an improvement immediately, and with practice it's only getting better. One problem was that I thought I had to use the prong collar on her so that I could walk her with control, and not have her constantly pulling on the leash. It's crazy that a simple thing like my posture, and holding the leash correctly could affect the way she walked on the leash. Simple enough. We're still working on sitting calmly to meet people, but it's just going to take practice, and, oh yeah, lots of praise! Thanks for the help!

Susan H, Raleigh, NC

Steve came to our house, and in 2 hours turned our 1 year old GSD into a calm, polite pooch! He is amazing to watch! We were frustrated and at a loss as to how to "fix" her bad behaviors, and Steve showed us how, with practice and exercise, our dog could understand us and we could understand her. All without treats or toys! We would really recommend Steve to anyone struggling (or not) with their pooch! Thanks Steve; we can't wait until the next lesson!

Liz and Jim-Clayton, NC

Bella is our first dog and Steve was so patient with us. Bella did great! It was us who really needed the training. Everything he taught us has worked. It was like magic. I am very impressed. I also like his approach of rewarding good behavior with praise rather than food.

Carolyn-Apex, NC

We called The Raleigh Dog Trainer because our 70lb lab mix wouldn't walk on a leash, and our 3 month old corgi was running our lives, chasing the cats, and barking all the time. After 3 hours with Steve, the lab mix was walking beside me without a problem. A miracle! She also sits and stays now. The corgi is a puppy and only time will change that, but Steve taught us how to manage him and his behaviors while he is growing up. Our house is a lot less stressful and the cats are no longer afraid for their lives. We so appreciate what Steve has done for us so far and we look forward to working with him again soon.

Anne and Richard; Raleigh, NC

Hey Steve,

Thanks so much for coming out and spending so much time with our family. We've been implementing the changes you've shown us,and are seeing positive results already. It's a work in progress, but I think a multiple dog household always is.


Tracey Wendell NC

Hello Steve,

You know I've watched the Cesar Milan videos about the pack leader and all that stuff. I've made notes, watched numerous you tube videos, borrowed some friends DVD instructional videos. I don't think this is something we can learn from a video. There's definitely something special transferred when the expert trains the novice! The visuals, the reactions, the sound of your voice, how much, how little and all the what if's that make the experience personal to the client.Thanks again,

Chris A, Cary, NC

 "We asked Steve to come over and help us with some aggression issues with a dog we were fostering - Rick. Steve was extremely patient, and maintained a positive demeanor the entire time. He spent several hours with us, not only training the dog, but training us on how to better communicate with our dog, and giving us other tips on how to best take care of him. I could tell that Steve really enjoys what he does, and highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a dog trainer. Thanks, Steve for all of your hard work!!"

Ken- Morrisville, NC

Steve has a special heart for shelter dogs. He helped me with a rescued puppy that had issues with "resource guarding" and "mouthing." Steve showed me how to train Rebel that the chew toy belonged to me and that putting his mouth on my hand was unacceptable behavior. With these issues resolved, Rebel was adopted by a retired couple. Thanks, Steve, for training me to communicate more effectively with my dogs! You're the best!

Sharon, Fuquay Varina, NC

I called Steve out of desperation to help me learn how to have a more pleasant life with my dog. It wasn't that she was uncontrollable, except when company joined us at the house or we went for a walk. I was not able to get her to stop jumping on visitors or trying to pull my arm off when we walked. Steve showed up and within a matter of less than 30 minutes had my dog not only obeying his commands, but mine! With a little effort and some consistency on my part she no longer jumps on people or pulls on our walks. Since having Steve over, he has maintained contact with me just to check how things are going and to offer to meet to work on anything that I might need additional help. I strongly recommend Steve not only for his ability to work with dogs, but also because he has a genuine love for dogs and the owners that he helps.

Tim, Fuquay Varina, NC

We are so happy that we worked with The Raleigh Dog Trainer! Our little dog Lucy had gotten into a few bad habits that we didn't know how to handle! Steve helped us get her back under control! At two years old, Lucy had never been formally trained before but did know a few basic commands and to watch him turn those commands into real obedience was magic! We didn't think she would ever stop pulling us down the street with her on the leash, but thanks to Steve's patience and our practice, she "prances" down the street now! It has made a tremendous difference in our lives! Thank you Steve! Kris I, Cary, NC

The Raleigh Dog Trainer-Honest, trustworthy, and amazing! My dog went missing Feb 2nd, 2010 in a wooded area behind Lowe's. Steve read my ad on craigs list and contacted me. I had to work that day, but Steve (knowing it was calling for heavy rain the next day) went out and lured my dog to him while I was still at work. What a guy! He has been an amazing friend and trainer ever since. He has a true love of dogs and working with owners. Knowledgeable in every aspect of dog ownership from aggressive animals to barking, potty training, and obedience. Thanks Steve for all you have done for me and Bentley!!

Shannon in Raleigh, NC

"Steve did a great job coaching me on how best to communicate with our small, feisty dog. His suggestions were right on the mark and provided me with enough information that, with practice, corrected the behaviors that we were hoping to have corrected."

Pam in Raleigh, NC

Steve has helped us with both of our dogs. The first was our Great Dane, Lou. My wife and kids were having a difficult time controlling him when I was not at home and Steve was able to give some invaluable tips about teaching Lou who was in charge. He has calmed down a lot and responds to even the kids commands. The second dog, Nellie, is a new addition to our house and housebreaking her was a challenge. Lou was even urinating in the house! Again, Steve came over and taught us the ropes of effective house training. Within one week of Steve's session, both dogs were only going to the bathroom outside! Thanks Steve!