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Training Workshops

Therapy Dog Training

therapy dogs" play a special role in our community. They are the perfect friend that shares a smile, and makes the moment in the day a memory of a lifetime. This type of dog is very good at meeting people, other animals, children, seniors, and in different settings and locations with lot's of distractions.

The important ingredient is your canine wants to do "therapy dog" visits. The second part is your individual dog handling skills. Lastly, the selection of the "therapy dog" sponsor for you and your dog. There are many "therapy dog" activities for both you and your dog to participate in and enjoy.

This is a fast track to success "therapy dog training" program for those who want to volunteer in sharing their dog's unique kindness and love with people who love dogs. There's no need to stand in line for weeks on end in a group class. Evaluating the dogs behavior, perfecting your handling skills, shadowing a therapy dog visit, and the information for you on the selection of a therapy dog clubs is all made easy. Start with the free phone consultation and learn more about "therapy dog training" and joy it can bring to others in need.

My rescued Golden Retriever "Shadow" had over 500 hours of therapy dog activities. The memories are more than golden!

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Steve Wilson

"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"

Dog Obedience and Behavior Training

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Kids Pet Safety with Dogs

Free Kids Pet Safety Class for groups.

Most dog bites can come from the family dog, and most family dog bites are to kids. Sometimes through no fault of the dog. This a very informative session about kids and dogs with an emphasis on safety. Kids learn the when, how, where to approach a dog. "Shadow" loves to participate in these sessions. Your kids will too!

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Steve Wilson is

"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"

Dog Obedience and Behavior Trainer

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