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Dog Safety Tips

The Leash and Collar 

One sure way a dog has an easy escape on the walk is when the leash is not handled properly, or the collar is too loose on the dog. Here are just a few tips to help make the leash walk safer for you and your best friend.

If you make it a point to always have the loop/handle on the leash pass over your wrist you will never drop the leash or have it pulled out of your hand. The cord on the retractable style leash can burn the handler and the dog, not to mention that dogs can get tangled up with the cord. Oh, and good luck getting your dog to return to you in the event of an emergency when on the retractable style leash. Do your dog a favor and toss those retractable type leashes in the trash.

The collar should fit so one finger can slide under it, if you can stack two fingers under the collar it's too loose on the dog. I like the Lupine Martingale collar as it has a lifetime guarantee. A good sturdy buckle collar can be easier for adjustments. Don't forget to have a name tag with a phone number on their collar just in case your dog should ever get lost. The micro chip is in addition to the name tag on the dogs collar. Update telephone numbers if they should ever change.

Using these tips will prevent you from losing control of your dog and help get your dog returned to you if they got lost.

Let a sleeping dog,,,, sleep.

Dogs sure can sleep a lot! Especially dogs that get their daily requirement of structured exercises (leash walks) and play times. Dogs also dream a lot! We hear them whimper, cry, even growl during the day or night while sleeping. To avoid startling your sleeping beauty make sure you calmly say their name first, and then wait until they open their eyes before you touch them. Keep your face away from the dog to avoid the accidental bite

The best advice is to let sleeping dogs lie, but go right ahead and take their picture.

Pet proof your dog house

Dogs like us will put almost anything in their mouths, and could view something as simple as a weekly pill holder as a plastic chew toy. Unfortunately, this means dogs are prone to swallowing any unsecured foods, and medicines.

In 2011 there was 165,900 phone calls made to the poison control center and most of them involved pets who'd ingested human prescriptions. Non-prescription medications commonly found around the house can also be a problem because many brands have a sweet coating so it’s like candy to a dog. Pet proof your home, and if you think your pet may have ingested something poisonous, don't wait and see, but call your veterinarian or a Pet Poison Helpline immediately at 1-855-213-6680.

Dog Allergies can come from the bowl

Most dog allergies can be food related! Read the fine print on those commercial dog food bags, and treats! The amount suggested that you feed your dog could be double what they should really eat! That's how they sell us more dog food! More than 50 percent of dogs going to vet appoints are considered clinically obese!

Review the dog food/treat products on line for recall history, and if you have a question bark at me anytime!

Steve Wilson is

"The Raleigh​ Dog Trainer"

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